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Bogota, Colombia Cobra Workshop Notes (May 5th-6th, 2024)

May 5th, 2024 Bogota Workshop Notes Disclaimer:

Disclaimer: The following is a typed out version of the handwritten notes the author made during Bogota Workshop in Bogota, Colombia. The author does not claim the accuracy of these notes to be 100% true. Please use your own inner discernment and critical thinking. Some images and graphs may not be identical to those seen at the conference. The content of the notes is NOT an exact match to what Cobra spoke about. There may be mishearing, handwriting errors, or omissions in the process. Questions regarding the contents and the specifics of this document will not be accepted.



C: Welcome, everybody. It is very good for me to be here because this country has a great potential, energetically speaking.

Before we start, there are a few technical announcements to make. Make sure you have signed the NDA. Please turn off your cell phones and switch them to airplane mode. No calls, recording, photography, or social media use is permitted in this room.

You may take notes if you wish, and you are welcome to share these notes with others, especially those who are awakened enough now.

C: Since we all came from various different environments energetically speaking, we will start this workshop by aligning our energy fields with a short meditation.

I would like to ask you to make yourself comfortable.

Breathe white light into your physical body and breathe out any toxins from it.

Then, Breathe white light in and radiate white light outwards in all directions when you breathe out. Do this from your physical body.

Repeat the above steps for your plasma, etheric, astral, emotional, and mental bodies. Finally, repeat the above steps for the totality of your being.

We begin to realize that I AM a being of Light. We confirm this fact by chanting the sacred mantra ‘OM’ three times together.

As a being of Light, we are connecting with other beings of Light in this group. Together we are creating one big being of Light. This group is a being of Light. WE ARE a being of light.

As we breathe in, you breathe in brilliant white light into this room. And as we breathe out, we radiate brilliant white light from this group in all directions.

And we breathe as One group and as One being. We breathe in Light and we breathe out Light.

WE ARE a being of Light. We confirm this fact by saying the sacred mantra ‘OM’ three times together.

As One being of Light, we are connecting with other beings of Light throughout the planet, and we are creating a planetary network of Light.

You can visual or feel or experience this planetary network of Light growing and expanding throughout the planet. Visualize all beings — couples, individuals, groups — connecting and expanding that planetary network of Light. Visualize all darkness disappearing, all wars ending, all suffering ending, until the whole planet is completely covered with the network of Light.

And this is the moment of the planetary liberation. We confirm this fact by chanting the sacred mantra ‘OM’ three times together.

You can now visualize our galaxy, the Milky Way, as a double spiral full of stars. Each of those stars is a point of Light in the Galactic network of Light.

And in the center of the galaxy, there is the Galactic Central Sun, that is sending rays of Light to all the stars in the galaxy. And all of the stars in the galaxy are also sending a ray of Light to the solar system and planet Earth.

This is a fulfillment of the old Galactic Prophecy when all darkness in the galaxy will disappear, and only the Light will remain. We keep visualizing all those stars sending rays of Light to planet Earth.

Now we visualize planet Earth being accepted as a point of Light in the Galactic network of Light.

This is the final liberation of the Earth..

This is the final Victory of the Light.

We confirm this fact by saying the sacred mantra ‘OM’ three times together.

Now we are becoming slowly aware of your physical body. We are becoming aware of your surroundings. We are becoming aware of the sounds around us. And when we are ready, we can open our eyes.

Everybody welcome back.

Now we have aligned our energies, and we have aligned ourselves to the Light.

(Note: Very powerful singing that reverberated throughout the room and got stronger as it continued with some noting after they had seen auric colors and/or visions during it. The transcriber could personally visualize/hear objects and metals seemingly resonate, further elevating the depth of the note)

[Workshop formally begins with Cobra first answering some questions]

***Q&A pt.1***

Q: Would belly breathing, for fitness, health, and psychological purposes—as well as techniques of visualizing breathing light into wounds to heal them— would these and/or similar exercises be something you would recommend people to practice.

C: The short answer is yes.

Q: Has the discovery of other universes changed anything regarding the timeline? C: Very little.

Q: Do parallel (physical) timeline exist?

C: Not exactly; they can be accessed and experienced through dream states.

Q: Have you been to Colombia before?

C: This is my first time here.

[Cobra then gives a brief explanation of what Tachyons are and talks about the main crystal space-station which creates wormholes for tachyons to reach Tachyon Chambers on the surface of the Earth.

We then have a break to all gather around Tachyon products Cobra brought which were available for purchase.

First table: Goddess jewelry collections.

Second table: Regular, Agarthan, and Tachyonized Cintamani

Final table: Galactic Cintamani, Lyra tektite, Anavor (?) crystals, Tibetan tektite, and ATVOR crystals.

After everyone is done looking/buying, we then take our seats again and realign our energies using the ATVOR technique protocol.

Once completed, Cobra then re-iterates to not use technology while within the room and re-states the contents of the non-disclosure agreement.

Cobra then says he will answer a few more questions]

***Q&A pt.2***

Q: Will there continue to be more delays until the final liberation?

C: There have already been so many delays. I don't see there being a lot more.

Q: Can we get an update about the network situation in Africa?

C: There has been a slow and gradual improvement, but it is continuing to improve and providing much needed healing and relief.

[Brief question about the financial system reset] C: It will be at the moment of the event.

Q: There is a prophecy about the Condor and the Eagle. Does Colombia have anything to do with this prophecy’s fulfillment?

C: Yes, along with other South American countries. ***Planetary information***

C: The planetary Dragon leyline is finally being activated in the Americas. Beginning first in Argentina, it passes through the mountain ranges of Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, and finally the United States.

It is one of the most important planetary ley lines that is beginning to be activated to drive forward the energies of New Atlantis, and along it there are extensive underground tunnels that were built during the time of Atlantis. These tunnels have various exit points to the surface, such as Mount Shasta in California, Cueva de los Tayos in Ecuador, and the Muzo mine in Colombia.

The Muzo tribe is an old Colombian race who kept this secret for thousands of years and were the guardians of this territory, or exit point. The Spanish Conquistadors searched for it but were never able to find it.

There are still some from the Muzo tribe who survived and know about this secret. Energy work must be done to heal and activate that point.

As the planetary Dragon leyline activates that and other entrances are also being activated simultaneously in South America, such as Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, and Titicaca between Peru and Bolivia.

That is why this workshop is being held in Bogotá, Colombia and is important because the Muzo is a key part of that Dragon energy line, and also because of some very important stones found there.

There are three main stones in Colombia important for ascension:

1. The first stone is Euclase. It is blue and looks like topaz but is not, and is often confused for aquamarine. Local miners may know about it.

It is a very powerful stone for ascension and is very rare. I did not bring any with me today because it is very expensive. Euclase in Colombia is found in emerald-bearing veins.

2. The other stone that is important is Colombian Tektites, or Colombianites.

It is a very powerful stone from the Sirius star system, similar to Cintamani, but has a much softer energy and brings Goddess energy. Before the arrival of the Spanish, it was known as “Piedra de Rayo” (Stone of Lightning) and the native tribes had a very strong connection to Goddess energies which kept it active.

3 . [Cobra left this blank for now. Disclosed in the second part of the workshop.]

When the Spaniards invaded, they did so on the orders of the Jesuits to destroy and suppress Goddess energies and vortices. The Jesuits knew the power of these Goddess energies and had churches built on every vortex to destroy them.

You may have noticed in all the best places in Colombia there is a church, which suppresses Goddess energy.

Now Light Forces are asking people to do energy work to reverse this situation; this work consists of burying Colombian Tektite in those vortexes because the energy of the tektite neutralizes the dark and brings back Goddess energy.

Another thing they are asking is for people from Colombia to meet in person as a group every week to meditate and clear energies that accumulated in those areas to bring back Goddess energies by using the Violet Flame to purify those locations.

Colombia has had much conflict due to the lack of that energy and the way to fix that is by planting Colombianites to attract and to re-anchor Goddess's energy through meditation.

We will now form one or more groups here to meet once a week to clear those energies. [Discussion and votes for which day to meet and at what time is then held and agreed upon]

C: You will need to be very dedicated as there is often a lot of enthusiasm at the beginning with these kinds of things before participation gradually decreases over time.

Q: Do you know a place in Panama where this could be done as well.

C: Yes, but it is very dangerous, is a place called El tapon del Darien

[Cobra then asks those from Colombia, but not in Bogata, if they would like to form a group so that they could network with each other. This is also discussed and formed in the same manner as before.

Finally, he says he will answer some questions and after a break he will talk about the final special stone: Emeralds]

***Q&A pt.3***

Q: Will the Resistance Movement help us plant the Colombianites?

C: You will have to do it yourselfs, they are not on the surface.

Q: Can we place it by the churches or do we have to bury it?

C: You have to bury it.

[Question about special rocks in Pacific and indigenous people who used it] C: I would need to see them first.

Q: Can we do the meditations to heal the vortexes without being present?

C: It would not have a powerful enough effect on the physical plane. We need to heal physical through physical.

(Break before continuing by first breathing in white light to re-align ourselves)

***Q&A pt. 4***

Q:Do people still live in the underground tunnels of the Dragon leyline?

C: When the Atlantians evacuated from the surface after the invasion 25,000 years ago, they created a network of cities and tunnels which partially connected with the Agarthan network.

Some people still live in these cities while others were deserted.

Q: What is the importance of Monserrate (a mountain with a church on it) C: It is a very powerful ascension vortex which was suppressed.

Q: Is Lake Guatavita, one of the sacred places for the indigenous leaders, also another important place?

Cobra: Yes, Lake Guatavita is a Goddess vortex.

[Questions about different types of tektites and stones.]

C: All are going to be important to stabilize the transition. The more vortices that are activated the more harmonious the transition will be.

Q: Will there be a moment before the event when people will begin to become aware of all the lies and manipulation?

C: It will be at the moment of the event. Before then, there will be very little recognition.

Q:Are there techniques we could do that would work to healing blindness and other similar conditions]

C: This is not so easy. I would say miracles can happen but it is very rare. At the moment of the event new healing technologies will be given to the surface society.

[Question about the solar flash]

C: I have already given answers about the solar flash on my blog which you can read about. A spanish translation exists which someone in the room has who can share.

Q: What will happen with the remaining Dark forces after the event?

C: They will be watched over and guided to correct their past choices and mistakes.

 Q: Would you suggest that the users of the Starseeds land app begin to organize their own group meditations?

C: Yes

Q: Will there be any possibility of physical contact by light beings before the event. C: You might have inner guidance, you might be contacted but it is not clear. [Short and unheard question and answer about the situation in Colombia]

Q: Could the Dark forces start a WW3?

C: The Light Forces are averting whatever attempts they try.

Q: How will we know when the event begins?

C: It will be extremely obvious.


C: Emeralds are the third and most important stone for Colombia. They can be farmed from other locations but the ones from Colombia hold the highest frequency of all of them. These stones have many different functions that are becoming important now.

Before it was simply not time but now it is time to activate them for very special missions. I will now speak about the hidden secrets of emeralds.

***Emerald secrets***

C: Emerald stones are becoming important for the planetary liberation process. Emeralds are also found in other locations around the world, but Emeralds from Colombia have the highest vibrational frequency of them all. Emerald is a stone that has many different functions and some of them are quite important for the time we are now in and for the process of planetary liberation.

Before it was not the optimal time to disclose anything about the Emeralds. But now the time has arrived. And the Emerald stones are going to be activated for a very special mission.

Secrets of the Emeralds were hidden from humanity for a very long time. And of those that were known to the Dark Force, they were using them against humanity. But now it is time for the people of the Light to use the Emerald energy for the good of humanity and for the liberation of the planet.

Cobra then discussed 3 most important functions of the Emeralds:

1. Emerald serves as a portal to the Underground Kingdom Agartha. The Emerald stones can be used as a portal through which you can access the energy of Agartha — the energy of the underground Kingdom. Connecting with the Agartha through Emeralds is more powerful than just connecting with your mind or through meditation. The purer the Emerald is, the more powerful the connection is. Natural, raw, and untreated emerald crystals are more powerful than cosmetically treated Emeralds. However, any shape, grade, size Emerald can be good to connect with and will also be quite powerful. Simple and regular grade and budget-friendly Emerald stones can be purchased here in Bogota. Before this day, this information was hidden because the time was not right for people to start connecting with Agartha more directly like this.

2. Emeralds can be used to connect with Goddess energy. The green color opens the heart chakra. Putting on the heart and breathing can begin to heal the physical and energetic body systems.

People who wear it very close to the heart will begin to first experience balance/harmonization in their immune system. Simple emerald stones do not cost much and you can put it in a pendant over the heart and that emerald will begin to balance the whole energy field.

Another function is that it connects us to the Paradise that was lost. This can also be accessed by putting it on the heart field.

There is a legend of the Muzo tribe that emeralds are tears of the planet’s wife who lost her connection to the energy of paradise with them seeing it as the frozen energy of that paradise.

For this reason, it is very good to connect to Agartha which is closest to the lost paradise of Atlantis.

3. The third and final secret of emeralds known to Dark forces, also known to black nobility, white nobility, and occultists is that it can be used as a portal to access hidden knowledge.

This is why the Dark forces didn't want emeralds to come into the hands of regular people and thus wanted to control all stones. They cut stones because that causes them to lose power. Almost all stones (on the surface) were cut into smaller pieces and lost a lot of power.

 ***Emerald Tablets***

C: The Emerald Tablets come from the time of Atlantis from an Atlantean priest known as Thoth, Hermes, or Tehuti who wrote in simple language to teach manifestation and spirituality.

The most important key is "As above, So Below" (Chapter 11; The Key to Above and Below), meaning whatever happens on the higher plane tends to manifest on the physical. This was the main secret of the Emerald Tablets, to visualize or feel with the mind as a tool to manifest in the physical.

***Secret of tablets***

C: Later in history, people were creating smaller emerald tablets for different purposes.

They used them to connect with the green color and with different places producing emeralds for thousands of years.

The Muzo mine being the most important, along with the Chivor and Coscuez mine.

C: The Indigenous people were mining emeralds but it is not the same as today because they regarded emeralds as sacred stones and used it to connect to Paradise.

Spanish conquistadors took control of the other mines but had trouble taking control of the Muzo mine because the Muzo people were the most brave and had occult knowledge which caused it to take a lot of time and many losses before the Conquistadors could take control.

Once they did though, they began to use the mines and sent many of the best emerald stones to be taken to Spain. The Spanish were involved a lot in trading with emeralds because they wanted gold. This was around the 16th-17th century.

Their main trading partner at the time was the Mughal empire in India who was buying most of the emerald stones in those days. The best emeralds ever mined all went to India. There were a few emperors/rulers in Mughal that had connections with Galactic energies.

(names Akbar and another who could not be heard clearly)

-who liked it so much because it strengthened the connection in meditation.

Paradise was green for this Muslim dynasty, with the emerald being called the "Stone of Paradise" by Indian Muhgal emperors.The rulers of this time would order gems to be cut in order to create smaller emerald tablets with the verse of Throne from the Quran inscribed which created a powerful energy that describes the power of the Gods, or Source. It was their most powerful protection against the darkness. This is why the Muhgul empire was the most successful empire for many hundreds of years.

C: Another aspect of emeralds is that it brings abundance. One of the richest empires in human history was the Muhgul empire. This is also why from the 15-16th century, Spain wanted to conquer South America, because they could use emeralds to manifest these energies. It is also why they were able to rule half the world from the 16th to part of the 17th century. They drew power from emeralds with some knowing this secret and with the black nobility using emeralds to rule the planet.

There were some kings or rulers who also knew this secret and were using emeralds consciously. This is why they put emeralds in their thrones or scepters.

One of the reasons the Persian Empire was so powerful in 18th century was because they stole all the Emeralds from the Mughal empire.

Some of those Emeralds came into English hands in the 19th century. This was the expansion plan for the British Empire. Having Emeralds exploited then taken away was also the reason why Colombia had not been doing so well economically. Most of the best Colombian Emeralds went out of the country.

People in Colombia need to know that Emeralds as a stone can bring power to Columbia. This information has been concealed until recently because Dark Forces wanted to keep it suppressed. However, the time has come for it to be revealed. Emeralds are one of the most powerful stones that exist on the planet. Now is also the time for people of the Light to consciously start working with the Emeralds.

Bogota serves as the global hub for the emerald trade, so a huge energy potential is here. For those interested in tapping into the energy of Emeralds, Bogota is home to an Emerald Museum. If you haven't visited yet, it's highly recommended to explore this museum.

***Q&A pt. 5***

Q: What is the link between the New Atlantis and Agartha Kingdom? Are they the same?

Cobra: Same. The Agartha Kingdom is activating the New Atlantis. The Agatha Kingdom is the one that is activated in New Atlantis. Because the core of the Agartha Network has remained the same since the time of Old Atlantis in that it has been holding the energy of the Old Atlantis for the whole planet for 25,000 years now.

Cobra noted that in the future we can access the Agartha Kingdom, right now the access is only limited to connect with Emeralds through meditation.

Q: You said clear stones are best, but then you also said natural is too. So which one would be better?

C: The rough natural state is the most powerful, so clear milky. Try to get non-polished crystals as polishing decreases their power. You can use your own inner guidance to figure out which is the best choice.

Q: Where are the Emerald Tablets of Thoth now? C: I would say in a safe location.

Q: Do Pleiadians come to visit rulers such as Gustavo Petro, Putin, Chinese and African presidents/rulers?

C: They have visited some individuals in the Russian and Chinese military and have made phone calls to the Chinese president. About the others, I do not know.

Q: Is there anything that we can, or should do about Lemuria?

C: This is not activated yet, so it is just not possible. We will have to wait.

Q: Is there a connection between gold and Emeralds? And does that have anything to do with legends of El Dorado here in Colombia?

Cobra: In the Old Atlantis, gold was used as a metal to bring the energy of the Light and the energy of the Sun. And a lot of that gold is hidden in the underground tunnels and in Colombia. Some of the indigenous tribes had access to some of that gold. But this shall never be revealed to the surface humanity until they learn to be in harmony. Much of that gold that was first used in Old Atlantis, the indigenous tribes used it for a similar purpose. they used it to connect to the spiritual energy, and the energy of the Sun, and the energy of the Atma Soul. And then the Spanish people came and took most of the gold that was gathered by the indigenous people. Thus many of the precious old artifacts were melted. The Jesuits gave orders to the Spanish conquistadores to melt that gold. Then the Spanish Black Nobility was using that gold, also to bring power to the Spanish. Then the Spanish Black Nobility was using that gold also to bring power to the Spanish Empire.

So Emeralds and gold can be used for similar purposes. Emeralds, of course, are much more powerful, but gold can be used in a similar way. We can also visit the Gold Museum in Bogota, Colombia.

[Question about the intention of Saint Germaine as one of his previous incarnations as the explorer Christopher Columbus]

C: His mission during this incarnation was to connect the world. The Spanish Jesuits then misused this a lot.

[Question about a legend of an emerald city existing in the north pole and it being related to a certain saint]

C: This is all based on legend. It does not exist.

Q: What role indigenous people and their history will play in the ascension process?

C: It is very important. They had long traditions that date back to Atlantis. Of course, this was later distorted to a degree but it is good to dig as there is much to discover.

Q: We are in the process of evolving in 3D to 5D, but what about the process through 4D? How will that occur?

C: Okay, it is not that simple. All dimensions are transforming simultaneously. The real ascension process will only begin after the event, the Dark Forces have to be removed first.

Q: Is it going to be long until then?

C: I hope not!


Q: Have different starseeds incarnated as different star races before coming here to earth. Has this happened before?

C: Yes

Q: Recently, there has been an increasing number of UFO sightings. Is this something that will continue to increase?

C: This will gradually increase. It is time for them to begin showing themselves more naturally as safely as they can.

[Questioner stating they understand Tachyons are all around and can access by channeling directly into the body and if this is possible and/or correct]

C: The Dark forces have blocked most Tachyons from reaching the surface through their veil technology by charging the ionosphere. It is called HAARP.

Some individuals can have direct access to Tachyons but it is very rare through one's own channel. It is not common even among spiritual people.

[Questions about certain spiritual technologies that say they can channel Tachyons

C: Most of them, like a company in Arizona which sells reclining chairs, are fake

Q: Will Zimbabwe dollars be used as part of the financial reset plan.

C: Zimbabwe dollars are worth nothing (takes a random piece of paper and shows it to the room), they are worth about this much.


Q: How can we tell groups who say they have a role to play at time of event are real?

C: Very few of them are real or will provide assistance. You will have to use your own inner guidance to figure out the real ones.

Q: If things become very difficult and bad, will there be an evacuation of the surface population? C: The evacuation is scheduled at the moment of the pole shift.

Q: Any suggestions on how to overcome the wait for the event.

C: Yes, don't wait. Start making it happen in your own life.

Q: Do you know about a Chinese company selling nylon slippers with cameras inside them?

C: I have not heard of this.

Q:Is the spaceship which will evacuate the surface called the New Atlantis? Or the Sananda?

C: Okay, there will not be just one ship. There will be a whole fleet of them; millions upon millions.

***Forgiveness Protocol***

C: We will now practice a tool which greatly helps in clearing past karma and energy blockages known as the Forgiveness Protocol which uses the Violet flame that was given to us by Saint Germain. This mantra should be done three times and used as much as possible and whenever a conflict is arising. It is very good for releasing those conflicts and blockages.

We will begin now:

I Decree and I Command

to release all conflicts I have

with myself,

with my parents,

with my child (if you have one),

with my partner (if you have one),

with my friends,

with Lightworkers,

And with all other people

I decide forgiveness

(repeat a total of 3


Next, visualize the Violet Flame coming from the sky and descending down through your body anti-clockwise and into the earth.

Release all conflicts and past karma to it.

Just let it all go.

***Technical announcement & final part of workshop***

C: If anyone is using Lufhtansa Airline, I would strongly suggest avoiding them... because they lost my luggage.


[Explanation: Cobra intended to bring to us a new meditation using emeralds which we would later be able to buy along with Colombian tektites but was lost for a time because of the laziness of some airline workers. He would go on to get them back the next day which was when the meditation was rescheduled (but needless to say the situation was not the most ideal).

Cobra then says this marks the end of the workshop (with the exception of the meditation the next day) and asks us to give our thanks to the organizer, and then to the translator, which we do. Afterwards, we give our sincere thanks to Cobra for sharing his time, energy, patience, and love with us.]

Cobra: Victory of the Light.

Everyone: Victory of the Light!

***Emerald Meditation*** (Next day)

Note: Cobra gave each of us an emerald to use for this meditation and told us that the emeralds act as portals to Agartha.

Close your eyes.

Inhale white light and exhale. Hold your emerald in your hand and feel its energy.

Slightly open your eyes and look at your emerald.

Close your eyes again and feel the emerald expand and grow larger and larger.

The emerald keeps growing; you can see its walls and identify some ancient hieroglyphs.

The emerald is much larger than you, and you can see a green door on it.

Look at the door and go through it.

Beyond the door, there are green stairs leading downward, and you start descending as a pink light envelops and accompanies you.

Continue down the stairs and arrive at a beautiful lake full of emeralds.

Enter the emerald lake and begin to feel the water healing you.

Cross through the emerald lake and see beings on the other side.

They welcome you.

Exit on the other side of the lake and greet them.

Feel that healing energy and how these beings have a special message for you.

Give you a moment to feel and receive the message

You can share and feel that powerful energy of paradise and stay there for a few minutes.

Then, you say goodbye to them and re-enter the emerald lake.

Feel how the lake allows you to integrate this gift and the new energy given to you by the beings of Agartha.

Reach the other side of the lake and start climbing the stairs back.

Continue ascending until you reach the door again and exit the emerald.

Give thanks and feel again how the emerald returns to its original size.

Inhale and exhale, and you can open your eyes again.

Cobra told us that we can use this meditation regularly to travel to Agartha and that the entrance we visualize is the entrance to the kingdom of Agartha located in Muzo.

Victory Of The Light!



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Bogota, Colombia Cobra Workshop Notes (May 5th-6th, 2024)

May 5th, 2024 Bogota Workshop Notes Disclaimer: Disclaimer: The following is a typed out version of the handwritten notes the author made du...